camalie networks Wireless Agricultural Monitoring and Control

Links to Live CS3 and eKo Pro Systems Installed and Supported by Camalie Networks (Password Required)

Call to request username and password to try out the CS3 View interface for yourself while browsing live data from commercial vineyards. 650-799-6571

Stage Coach J2 Vineyard 3-CS3 nodes

Collins Family Vineyards 8-CS3 nodes

August Vineyards 3-CS3 nodes

Nelson Family Vineyards 2-CS3 nodes

Camalie, Crouse, Konrad, Strauss, Vineyards on Mount Veeder, 16-CS3 nodes with one gateway covering four independent vineyard properties supported by one system each with its own dashboard including pump and valve actuation as well as pond and tank level sensing.

eKo Alpha System Covering Camalie Vineyards,   26-eKo Pro prototype nodes

eKo View system at Camalie Vineyards also covering Mt. Veeder Magic Vineyards, 32-nodes

CamView interface to 12 active Networks at different locations across the North Coast, total ~150 nodes

UC Berkeley Blue Oak Ranch Reserve 38 Nodes, CamView Dashboard

Sam Brannan Vineyards eKo Pro 11 nodes,  Custom Camalie Networks interface CamView Dashboard

Terraces at Quarry Vineyards/ St. Helena 11 eKo nodes, TQV eKo CS3view interface Alerts TQV tank Level CS3 net interface

Stage Coach Vineyards, Atlas Peak 18 eKo nodes CamView Dashboard

Green and Red Vineyards Chiles Valley 11 eKo Nodes, -- LWP correlation CamView Dashboard

Dave Brown, Brown Estate Napa 6 eKo nodes CamView Dashboard

Australian Golf Course 8 Nodes

J.K. Engineering Ltd. Canadian Golf Course 10 Nodes Demonstrated lowest temperature performance of eKo Pro to date -40C!

Camalie House Mechanical System This is the original 433MHz prototype network deployed at Camalie in 2005. Still working.


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